Sunday, March 2, 2014

Watch Me Grow! Weeks 22-25

There has been a lot of growing going on these last few weeks!  It's funny because Andrez and I think that I have been showing and big for so long, but when we look back at these pictures, we see that I didn't really pop until weeks 23/24!  

These past few weeks have been pretty hectic with work, a snow storm, a weekend at Mt. Hood (post with pictures to come), and applying for and interviewing for my job, which I got (it was a temp position turned into a permanent position)!  The month of February flew by and the month of March shows no signs of going any slower!  

How Far Along:  25 weeks (The baby is the size of an eggplant!)

Total Weight Gain:  As of my last doctor appointment on February 4th (2 days shy of 22 weeks) I was up a total of 18 pounds.  I wasn't too surprised given how hungry I had been the weeks prior.

Maternity Clothes:  Pretty much all maternity except for some of my dresses.

Sleep:  I still wake up a couple of times a night, typically one or two of those times is to go to the bathroom.

Cravings:  Salmon and citrus fruit.

Movement:  More and more each week.  I found out that I have an anterior placenta which means my placenta is in the front and acts as a cushion between the baby and me.  It's not harmful to either of us, but it does make it harder for me to feel the baby.  I don't feel the baby all of the time, but I do feel him or her everyday.

Mood:  These last few weeks were a little more difficult emotionally.  I had a little more anxiety than normal, which I think stemmed from not knowing my future with my job and dreary weather.  Ever since I was offered my job, I have been feeling much better!

Symptoms:  I am feeling more and more stretched out, and I still have 15 weeks to go!  I have been been getting heartburn which is uncomfortable, but eating smaller meals seems to help.  I have been feeling pretty good overall, minus a bad cold I came down with this last week.  

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