Sunday, March 23, 2014

Watch Me Grow! 28 weeks

Another week has come and I am now just 12 short weeks from my due date.  Andrez and I have started working on the nursery and have the crib (gifted from some of my wonderful Okinawa friends Cortnie, Amanda, and Johanna) and wardrobe set up.  We still need to arrange the furniture and get some things hung on the walls, but we'll get there slowly but surely.  

This last week was pretty uneventful and we both just worked, and due to somewhat restless nights of sleep, I just relaxed when I came home each night.  Here's this week's bump picture and an update on my pregnancy!

How Far Along:  28 weeks (The baby is the size of a cauliflower head and I am officially in my third and last trimester.)

Total Weight Gain:  As of my last doctor appointment two weeks ago, I had gained 23 pounds.  

Stretch marks/Belly Button:  No stretch marks and still a flat belly button.

Sleep:  This week I had really weird nights of sleep where I slept in what felt like a dream state instead of the deep rem sleep.  I just felt really tired all week, so I am really happy that it's the weekend where I get to wake up without an alarm!

Cravings:  No real cravings except frozen yogurt and really good coffee, oddly enough!

Movement:  Everyday, especially the first half of the morning before lunch.  This little baby likes to keep me company while I'm working.

Mood:  Good.  This was a good week overall.  I am staring to feel a little more hormonal as far as emotional ups and downs, but they are small.  I'm getting more and more excited to meet this little one and am starting to come to grips with the reality that Andrez and I are going to be parents in less than three months! 

Symptoms:  Besides being really tired, my symptoms were minimal this week.  I am feeling really big and can't really get out of bed or get off of the couch the way I used to.  It's been interesting taking prenatal yoga and seeing how flexible it's kept me and that I'm still able to do some of the same positions and stretches that I could when I started 8 weeks ago.  I also think it's helped reduce back and body aches so far, but I know that I am still growing and some of those pains are inevitable.  For now, I am going to enjoy feeling good!

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