Thursday, March 6, 2014

Watch Me Grow! 26 weeks

Another week down in the journey to meeting our first born baby!  This last week went by pretty quickly with work and having some of my closest Okinawa girlfriends come visit me.  They came to Portland for the weekend, and despite the rainy weather, we were able to get some fun site seeing, shopping, and eating in.  It was so fun having them here to visit, but saying goodbye Sunday night was so hard, especially knowing that a couple of them I won't see until after the baby is born.  I feel so lucky to have friends that I can miss that much, and it just makes the reunion trips we have that much more special and fun.

Other than that, the week was uneventful, which in pregnancy is a good thing!  Here are some updates from this last week!

How Far Along:  26 weeks (The baby is the size of a head of lettuce!)

Total Weight Gain:  I haven't stepped on a scale, so we'll go with 18 lbs. but I'm sure it's more.  I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I'll have a better update next week.  

Stretch marks/Belly Button:  No stretch marks as of yet and my belly button is a flat innie, if that makes sense!

Sleep:  Overall pretty good.  I had one night this week where I woke up to go to the bathroom and then laid there awake for two hours while the baby kicked and played.  It was pretty fun to feel so I didn't mind too much and I think this is prep for the sleepless nights we're about to have!

Cravings:  Still salmon!  I also have loved sour candies, like Sour Patch Kids, and my friends were so kind as to get me an almost 2 pound bag of them, which is sadly almost gone!!

Movement:  He or she seems to be pretty happy in there and I feel them everyday.  It's most fun when I'm sitting at work because it makes me feel like I have a little buddy with me all the time.

Mood:  I was sad on Sunday night after my friends left, but I'm feeling better and feeling good about the pregnancy.  I definitely have my moments where I freak out about all of the body and life changes that are and are about to take place, but my excitement to be a mom and meet our baby far outweigh any fears I have.

Symptoms:  I still have some heartburn, but not as bad.  My feet have also been hurting by the end of the day, which they never used to.  I do get tired a lot more quickly and by the end of the day, I am pretty spent.  Last night I treated myself to a bath, which after two long days at work, felt like heaven on earth!

Here are this week's bump pictures.  Same day today, but I had my hair down in one for my mom.

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