Friday, March 14, 2014

Watch Me Grow! 27 weeks

This last week was a good week overall.  We had an appointment with our midwife and everything seemed to look great with the baby.  The heartbeat (145 BPM) now sounds like a horse galloping because it's getting larger and we're able to hear more.  She also measured my belly and I am measuring a week smaller than what I am, but it's completely normal for my body type.  I also had to take the dreaded glucose test!  It actually wasn't too bad, the drink tasted like fizzled out Sprite and I didn't have to fast or anything which made it not that bad.  I luckily passed, so now gestational diabetes for me!

The weather was so nice this week in Portland and we had a couple of days of sunny, 60 degree weather!  It felt so good that Tuesday after work I came home, put on shorts and a T-shirt, and laid out in our front yard.  The sun and nice weather was so invigorating and felt amazing!  It's funny because last year when we arrived in April to similar weather, we thought all of the Portlanders out in their sundresses and shorts and T-shirts were crazy.  Now we are one of those crazy people who thinks 60 and sunny is like summer!  Funny the difference a year can make!

Here's to the end of my second trimester and beginning of the third!!!

How Far Along:  27 weeks-Accoridng to some apps and books, this is the start of my third trimester and according to the others, it's the last week of the second.  I guess I'll cut it in half and say that Sunday is the third trimester (also our 5 year wedding anniversary!!) (The baby is the size of a cucumber!)

Total Weight Gain:  As of last Friday, 3/7, I have gained 23 pounds.  

Stretch marks/Belly Button:  No stretch marks yet and my belly button keeps getting more and more flat!

Sleep:  Really good this week.  I have slept really soundly, but I have had a hard time falling asleep each night.  I normally go to bed around 9:30pm, but with the time change, that has morphed into 10:30pm or later.  Luckily, I have been sleeping through the night.

Cravings:  I really didn't have any strong cravings this week.  We ate salmon and caesar salad for dinner one night, which we have every week and I always crave.  I did want a frozen yogurt, which we had last night and it was pretty tasty!

Movement:  Lots!  This little baby is becoming very active.  Andrez also got to feel the baby move for the first time this last Sunday (3/9) which was really special!  

Mood:  Pretty good.  I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the whole we're having a baby and our lives are about to change, but I know that we are ready and I think it's one of the enormous life changes that you can never really be 100% prepared for. 

Symptoms:  What I thought was heartburn, might actually be a muscle-skeletal type pain.  We visited our midwife this last week and she thinks because of my build and where I am feeling the pain, that it may be more of my ribs, muscles, and everything else making room for this little one.  I am also starting to really feel pregnant, as in, I am able to do less and less because it makes my back hurt or my feet are throbbing by the end of the day.  Andrez is taking on more and more chore and house-wise which has been nice for me.  It's just a weird feeling to be growing so big and knowing that I will continue to grow for another 13 weeks!

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