Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Friday! (House Update)

The last couple weeks have proven to be extremely busy from working, moving into our house, moving out of our apartment (who knew two people could get so settled in a one-bedroom apartment with no furniture??), and just living life in general.  On top of moving in and getting all of our belongings that made the long journey from Okinawa to Portland, we are getting some work done to our house.  We are having french doors installed in our living room, a new vanity, sinks, and toilet in our bathroom, and the inside of the house painted.  We already had the floors refinished and they turned out amazingly!  It goes without saying, but after all of the hectic-ness of the week, I'm looking forward to having two days to myself, Andrez, and the pups.  I hope you all had a good week!

Start of the french doors.

Another view.

Our bathroom and soon-to-be vanity.

The drawers to our vanity.

French doors installed with no dry walling.

The mess that is our house when we have a house full of boxes and can't put things away!  We have priorities though, our TV and couch!  

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