Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Blueberry Picking

After being cooped up in our house for the past couple of weeks, we finally got out with ours friends, Lester, Rachel, and their adorable baby, Ezra, for some blueberry picking at Bella Organic Farm.  We went early to avoid the heat, and it turned out to be a pretty chilly day.  It was actually nice to get outside when the sun wasn't blazing and just enjoy the outdoors with Andrez and friends (the sun came out in full force later on!).  We picked lots of blueberries and some blackberries, although the blackberries weren't quite ripe yet.  We got so many blueberries that we froze some, gave some to our neighbors, and have already eaten the rest -- they were THAT good!

We also made a little stop at Kruger Farm because Rachel wanted to pick up a basket for farmer's markets.  Andrez and I picked up some natural honey (our allergies have been bad!), fresh salsa, a mango, and the best tortilla chips we have ever had -- they were actually gluten free and we devoured almost the whole bag and all of the salsa in one sitting!

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