Thursday, July 4, 2013

House (as we bought it) Pictures

In case you don't like to watch You Tube videos or just wanted to see pictures of the house as we bought it, here they are!  I don't have one of the basement, so I'll be sure to take one and add it later because we have some fun ideas for it!  Our floors are being refinished this week and will be done tomorrow, so I will be sure to post pictures because they look so good!

Our front door from the inside.  The little box to the left is our mail drop.

Our living room with a wall size front window.

Other side of our living room.

Our dining room.

Another shot of the whole living room.

Our room.

Bathroom, ugly vanity!

Guest/spare room.

Same room, it has a door to the back yard.

Adorable acorn light in our hallway.  We think it may be original with the house.


Another view of kitchen.

And another view of the kitchen.

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