Monday, May 6, 2013

Our Weekend

This past weekend was a little extra special because my dad was here!  He drove with Andrez from Las Vegas to Portland to bring us Andrez's old truck and all of our belongings that we still had in a storage room.  They drove straight through and it took them about 17.5 hours, so when they showed up at the apartment at 5:30am Friday, needless to say they were tired!  We all slept in and spent the weekend trying more Portland food, going to the river walk, enjoying each other's company, sharing a couple of beers, and playing some rummy.  It was a really good weekend and nice way to spend Andrez's last weekend before he started his new job!

Love Lucy's little lips!

Our Willis.

Willamette River that goes right through Portland,  There are many bridges that cross over it.  I'll need to do a post where I take pictures and name all of them in the future!

My two favorite men, I am so lucky to have both of them.

Andrez and me.

My dad and me--it was a little windy!

We strolled through the Portland Saturday Market on the river.   There were lots of crafts, arts, and food.  They have this market every Saturday from March to Christmas.  

Cute house with a pretty tree out front.

Please excuse this picture, I had really bad allergies, so my nose was swollen and red from wiping it so much!  I'm feeling much better today.

Dad with a beer.

Another beautiful flower bush.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend... So glad you got to hangout with your dad :)

  2. It was really nice getting to see him. I will be in Las Vegas from May 31st-June8/9 or so, so we will get to spend some quality time together!! I can't wait to see you all and meet Carter!