Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Civilian Life

Today was officially the first day that Andrez went from combat boots to his new 1000 Miler civilian boots and from Captain Posada to Mr. Posada.  He actually signed the papers and received his DD214 (freedom ticket and the paper that is a summary of your service and says whether you have a honorable discharge or not) yesterday though.  It was very bittersweet and I know that Andrez will miss his Marines so much, but we are both so excited for this new chapter.  It's crazy to think we don't have to deal with exercises, deployments, late night calls, long days, homecomings, duty stations, PSC moves, orders, and all of the other good and bad things that come along with military life.  

I loved being a Marine wife, but I love being Andrez's wife more than anything and I'm excited with all of the extra time I get to spend with him as a civilian now!  We will both cherish all of our memories and look at his time in the Marine Corps as some of our best.  We now have to look forward and get excited for Andrez to start his new career Monday!  

Officially out of combat boots and into his Wolverine 1000 Milers.

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