Saturday, April 20, 2013

The Journey

After we had our sad take off from Okinawa, we made a couple of stops to other bases (we took a military flight home) one to Iwakuni and one to Yakota Air Base.  We were able to take the pups on little walks for both layover before the 8 hour and 45 minute flight from Yokota Air Base.  It was nice have the shorter "test" flights for the pups to see how they were doing and to know that they were okay.  The flights went great, but I think that Willis and Lucy are happy to not have to fly again!  Once we arrived in Seattle, we were able to get them pretty quickly after getting our luggage and they both seemed to enjoy getting to stretch their little legs on a walk around the airport.  Once we got the dogs and pups, we picked up a rental car and were on our way to Portland!

Our last moments on Japan!

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  1. I like Andrez's (not Andrew's) glasses :) Looks like the pups did great! I can't believe you're back!