Thursday, April 25, 2013

Japanese Garden

We've been in Portland almost a week now and have officially fallen in love with it.  We are in a honeymoon stage because Andrez hasn't started working and we've been able to spend the days together doing what we want.  I have been looking for a job and we found an apartment that we'll move into next week.  We have also been driving around the city scouting out areas we might want to live in and looking at houses that we were interested in from internet searches.  We have also been able to have a bit of fun, and today, we went to the Japanese Garden.  It was, like most things in Portland, beautiful and it was fun seeing things, like shisa dogs and pagodas, that we saw in Japan for the three years we were there!  

To be honest, I'm not missing Okinawa as much as I would have thought.  I miss my friends like crazy, but as for Okinawa itself, not so much.  I seriously cannot believe how much easier things are in the states and how much I used to take things for granted!  Living in Okinawa has given me a whole new appreciation for how wonderful America is and how easy we have it!  I feel like Buddy the Elf going to places because I am just so excited to see so many varieties of everything--chapsticks, mascaras, vitamins, candy, Popchips flavors--everything!  In Okinawa, you had one or two (maybe three) choices on things and that was it!  I'm not complaining and I think I will miss that simplicity once we get more settled and real life starts, but for now, I'm loving living in land of the free and home of the brave!

My favorite picture!!

Mt. Hood and Portland!  We can't wait to go snowboarding!

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