Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Kruger's Farm-Strawberry Picking!

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, then you probably saw that Andrez and I went strawberry picking on Saturday.  Growing up in Las Vegas, going to a farm on the weekend was not a regular activity.  We saw that Kruger's Farm  was having a strawberry festival, so we took the short drive to Sauvie Island to enjoy the sun and some fresh fruit.  We got to take a short hay ride to the strawberry fields and picked as many strawberries as we wanted.  The fields smelled so good and you could literally smell the strawberries in the air.  We picked a couple little container's worth and also picked up some fresh raspberries (they were picked that morning, but not by us) and cherries.  

Fresh picked fruit is about the tastiest thing!  Andrez and I ate everything we bought by Sunday night (at least it was healthy!)!  We plan on going to more farms and picking more fruits and veggies, and hopefully, growing some of our own soon!  

Sad that I didn't have any strawberries yet.

Did not know that this is how artichokes grow!

Yay, I was fruit rich now!

Our farm fresh fruit.

Pretty view of Sauvie Island on the drive home.

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