Sunday, June 9, 2013

Happy 29th Birthday Andrez

On May 30th, we celebrated Andrez's 29th birthday!   It wasn't the most exciting birthday because he had to work, but we went out to dinner to a Thai food restaurant, Pok Pok, that we both love.  They have the most delicious spicy chicken wings we have ever had!  We also went to a good cart by our apartment for some mango sticky rice!  

While his actual birthday may not have been the most exciting, we reminisced over the past year and realized 28 was a big year for him.  He: ended his 7 month deployment in Afghanistan, took a world tour to get home from there (4 countries total!), experienced a homecoming, went to Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, climbed Mt. Fuji, visited Tokyo, became a company commander, went to Las Vegas for my sister's wedding, went scuba diving with whale sharks, went to Singapore and Bali, went to his last Marine Corps Ball, got to hang out with my parents for Christmas and New Years in Okinawa, promoted to Captain, got a job outside of the Marines, moved from Okinawa to Portland, got out of the Marines, and started his new job!  Crazy how much is done in a year and what a difference a year makes!  Happy Birthday to my love and I can't wait to see what the last year of his 20s brings!

Pok Pok

Birthday Boy!

The most delicious wings you will ever eat!

Some mango sticky rice!!

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