Saturday, September 7, 2013

French Doors

There has been a lack in posting due to me working full time hours now (I was only working 30 hours a week for the first month).  Andrez and I have been really busy between work, getting work done on the house, frequent visits to Home Depot,  me being on the "Tour-de-Friends" as Andrez puts it, and living life in Portland!  I am taking this weekend to relax and enjoy being at home, something I haven't done in almost a month (although I'm not complaining!)!  

Last time I posted, our french doors were still being installed and below is the finished product!  Andrez and I love them, and I especially think Willis and Lucy approve.  We keep them open as much as we can to have fresh air in the house and they bring in so much natural light.  I think this is one of my favorite parts of the house now!


  1. Love them... And I'm slightly jealous, reading that you keep them open. Not sure what that is, living in Vegas... Lol! Can't wait to see pics of the rest :)

  2. Thanks Jacquelene and Laura! I will be posting more pictures soon. I'm starting to get into a groove of working 40 hours and balancing life, lol!